Business Coach Checklist

Ali & Erica break down everything you need to ask when trying to find the perfect business coach for you.


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Retail Mini Workshop

Learn the Pros and Cons when it comes to Wholesaling and Private Labeling so that you can be sure when implementing retail into your business model.


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Lashing in Layers 

By the end of this mini workshop you will know why lashing in layers is so important, you'll be able to see your client's multiple layers of lashes, map in layers and put lashes on those layers purposefully. We cover identifying layers, mapping in layers, and lashing in layers!


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Raise Your Damn Prices!!

Raise Your Damn Prices!

Hey friend, raise your damn prices!!

I know I know, we are all in a pandemic right? It's scary right? What if I lose all my clients?!

Listen, I get that it's hard to raise your prices, painful even! I know what you're going through, I've been you, I AM you!

The truth is, if you don't raise your prices, there's a good chance you are running yourself ragged for clients that don't really even value all of the hard work and investment you've put into your craft and your business. And the clients that you are looking for, don't even see you all the way down there with those low prices... With higher prices, comes trust. 

This mini-workshop is here to take emotions out of it, talk you through your concerns, get those crazy scaries out of your head and change your mindset.

Hope you enjoy! And please leave comments!!



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Email Marketing

Tips & tricks on how to grow your email list and simplify your email marketing! 


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