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the branding blueprint


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Whether you are starting a brand from scratch, or would like to polish your current branding, this course is for you.


Your brand is essential to the success of your business, and it must encompass every aspect of the identity of your company--which includes your name, logo, fonts, colors, tagline, specialty, tone of voice and much more.

You might see all that and think, oh eff.. That's overwhelming! 

No worries! That is where The Branding Blueprint comes in..

In this course, Lash Anarchist CEO Ali Lilly walks you through the how to of creating a cohesive brand identity that is authentic and beautiful to you, and it will be one that people will recognize and remember for years to come!

by the end of this program you will know how to

build your brand kit


apply cohesive marketing
grow your business


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A Look Inside the Branding Blueprint

creating your brand kit


  •  Business name
  •  Logo
  •  Slogan
  •  Colors
  •  Fonts
  •  Vibe
  •  Social Media Plan
  •  Voice
  •  Brand Stories


  • Organize a photoshoot with little to no experience

  • Hire the perfect team including photographer, model, hair stylist, makeup artist

  • Learn to trade for services without anyone feeling shorted

  • Find the perfect stock photos

  • Get great product photos

website creation

  • Basic website structure

  • Integrating your brand into your website

  • Getting what you want out of a website developer 

social media plan

  • Social media revamp plan

  • Batchworking 101

  • Never be ’stuck’ again

  • A posting schedule you can handle

  • A consistent voice

retail and packaging

  • Resources for creating custom:

    •  Products
    •  Merchandise
    •  Certificates
    •  Training manuals
    •  Packaging

frequently asked questions

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What Our Students are Saying


You're a complete game changer, motivate isn’t even the term, but like a hey get off your feeling scared ass and do big shit! Full of knowledge where I have been mentally stuck, and now feel totally okay with moving forward! THX ALI!


Ali & team did such a good job at making it clear. I had all this jumbled in my head not know what or where to freaken begin! Thanks for laying it out for us!!


Holy CRAP! What a freaking deluge of opportunity! This has really got me thinking outside the box. I'm going to have to give it another watch as it's a lot of info. I'm so happy that you were able to keep afloat and seem to be back better than ever.